Thanksgiving greetings

Thanksgivings greetings

Happy Thanksgiving to the blog readers in the U.S. (Canadians celebrate the holiday in October -- it isn't such a big deal up north.) While there...
Canvassing in columbus

The extremes in sales: Can we learn from them?

Yesterday, a guy knocked at our home's door just before dinner. Luckily, I was upstairs and didn't answer the door, because when the bell...

Naked Sales — Can you really do it this way?

Ashley Welch and Justin Jones have written an intriguing sales guidance book: Naked Sales -- How Design Thinking Reveals Customer Motives and Drives Revenue. The...


screw nails differentiation

The basics of differentiation — if it were only so simple...

If you read marketing textbooks (including my own), you'll see over and over the mantra: "You must differentiate."  Marketing consultants speak in unison about...
blog nomination page
Oldcastle Building Solutions has won the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition. You can view the review, and nominate your blog (or one you like) for the 2018 competition here.


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The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Update: Electronic edition revised (2015) We've published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we've updated...
social media book
My social media e-book.


what works survey

What really works: An update

A few months ago, I posted a survey to determine profitable marketing options in addition to word of mouth and referral business. We now...
boston hospital

Preferences and freedom: The perils and challenges in starting a new construction business

Can we learn some secrets of business success at general contractors' association meetings? Well, if you are thinking of "success" like the diet fad...
integrity software

UK’s Integrity Software blog: Taking on the challenging prompt payment issue

David Richards nominated the U.K. based Integrity Software blog with these observations: I first discovered the blog through a Linkedin group and have since been...
victoria falls

Three ideas: What really works with construction marketing?

If you are looking for sure-fire quick answers about construction marketing, you've come to the right place. Of course, I may well be restating...
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Protected: The business challenge: Can you suggest a solution

Here is a business challenge. Can you suggest a solution? You have a "legacy business" -- it has been in operation for more than two...