ottawa renovates cover spring 2017

Ottawa Renovates: An example of regional media and marketing integration

We've just published the latest, spring 2017 issue of Ottawa Renovates magazine. Clearly, this magazine is relevant for businesses within a highly specific niche...
website inquiry

Is anybody home? Are you really responding to your inbound...

In a recent issue of The Ontario Homebuilder, writer Mary Robertson reported on a disturbing and challenging test. She made online inquiries to 51...

Printing a new house for a bit more than $10K —...

There are of course gaps between technology experiments and real market conditions, but the construction of a printed new house for a little more...


channelpath business

Do you know your marketing channels? – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted Mark Mitchell's useful infographic describing the manufacturer-to-consumer marketing channels for building products and services. He has responded with his equally-useful industrial/commercial/institutional...


book cover

The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Update: Electronic edition revised (2015) We've published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we've updated...
social media book
My social media e-book.



When the story script changes: How do we adapt?

Stand-up comedians and improvisation artists of course need to roll with the punches. They cannot always be prepared for exactly what to expect and things...
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Focus or diversity in marketing and business: How do you decide?

There is a marketing argument that focus is good, and that being too many things to too many people is bad. In this regard,...
frustrated contractor

Painful lessons of defiance and carelessness

There are days, and then there are days. Yesterday turned out to be not-such-a-good day, thanks to some carelessness and defiance, on unrelated matters. The...

When things go wrong, can things go right?

If everything worked well, all the time, and we never knew adversity, I doubt we could appreciate the good times as much. As well,...
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How you can really achieve really great construction marketing success: Three basic rules

Undoubtedly, as you read this blog, and other materials, and hear sales pitches -- both spammy and ethical -- from various marketing consultants and...