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Duhh, shouldn’t your marketing really be integrated with your business development...

It seems so dumbly obvious, but I wonder if architectural, engineering and construction marketers sometimes forget our role in our business or professional practices....

Perseverance: Is there a law of diminishing returns?

If you read books and attend training programs about sales and business development, you'll read plenty of warnings that salespeople give up far too...


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Hit rates: What are the benchmarks?

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Foundation has conducted some research into the probably the most common metric used in assessing marketing/business development...
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The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Update: Electronic edition revised (2015) We've published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we've updated...
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My social media e-book.


Sustainability and business (marketing): Why some things last longer than others

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a crisis meeting called after Jewish community leaders announced that they were closing our son's high school. This...
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Nature, nurture and self — and the interconnections that define our lives

Oh gosh, what a title (and topic) for a blog on construction marketing . . . I'm getting a bit philosophical, but suppose this...
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How to put some clothes on the Internet (construction marketing) emperor

The Hans Christien Anderson fable "The Emperor's New Clothes" tells the story of how vanity and misrepresentation are ultimately caught out by childhood innocence....
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The “why” of construction marketing: You don’t need to sell so much

This LinkedIn posting: Big Idea 2014: Stop Selling (and Start Marketing) by Tim Williams is worthy reading for anyone wondering how to escape the...
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Building your business: Discovering your systems, and growth

I have discovered to my dismay that Michael Gerber's E-Myth approach doesn't solve every growing/struggling business's problems. Gerber, of course, has advocated for systematization...

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