Your personal how-to guide for media integration

Media integration -- that is relating marketing activities within one context into another -- has become an increasingly important consideration in effective architectural, engineering...

The better way: Marketing success without complexity

Take a few minutes now. Relax. Then think about what you really enjoy doing the most. Then think a bit about how you can connect...
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Connecting to and with associations: The OGCA’s Associate Partner Program

We've just returned from the two-day Ontario General Contractors' Association (OGCA) Symposium; an event which I've attended five times in the past decade (the...



When is less (more) in marketing: And how do you...

It's a problem we all encounter often in business. Despite the adages about persistence and perseverance, the harder we try (especially for initiatives seeking...


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The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Update: Electronic edition revised (2015) We've published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we've updated...
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My social media e-book.


Generosity Adam Grant

“Is giving the secret to getting ahead?” — the science behind selfless generosity

Matt Handal and Tim Klabunde are two of the biggest givers I know in the world of architectural, engineering and construction marketing. Their generosity...

Betraying trust: The crash and burn of Jian Ghomeshi

The sudden, and rather dramatic crash of Canadian Broadcasting Corp's Jian Ghomeshi's career may seem a little distant from architectural, engineering and construction marketing...
Canvassing in columbus

Repeat and referral or canvassing/telemarketing — two ends of the construction marketing spectrum

One guiding business principle: the 80/20 rule, asserts that most of your success and most of your problems arise at either end of the...
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Business development and marketing: Energy, effort and results

There's an argument in business (and life) for persistence, perseverance and passion. Yet there is an irony I've noticed in almost three decades in...

GiveDirectly — rethinking international charity

  Some of us older people remember the old CBS-TV series The Millionaire, where an anonymous benefactor would give $1 million each week to a...