Revisiting websites and branding: Success prerequisites

A local renovation contractor has a wonderful, modern, responsive, and well-designed website. It includes all the trust-building features you could want to see: Credible...
bouchard blog

A look into legal issues and beyond: N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News

Matt Bouchard's blog: N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News, transcends state-specific North Carolina issues, providing useful and relevant information beyond the state borders. Consider, for...

Fairness and inequality: Breaking the barriers in the construction business and marketing

Recently, we faced a fairness challenge in our business. One of the company's sales representatives had left a few months earlier, and despite efforts...
carpenters feature

Becoming an authority: Credentials help, of course, but there is more to the story

There's plenty of research that authority -- or perhaps more painfully, perception of authority -- carries a lot of marketing weight. If you really...
mark mitchell blog

Whizard Strategy: Blog for Building Materials Manufacturers

Mark Mitchell has defined his niche and expertise quite clearly. He focuses on marketing for building products materials manufacturers and how they can overcome...

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