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Respect and value(s): They must always be there

Some years ago, this business had a near-death experience when we were caught off guard as the market caught on to our trick to...

Strategies for evaluating business development and marketing employee candidates

It isn't easy to hire really good marketing and business development talent. Especially for business developers (salespeople), companies will do everything they can to...
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It’s a basic rule in marketing: Know your customer first before...

Mark Mitchell wisely points out that many competitors successfully sell "inferior" products and services to the clients you are trying to reach. There are a...


screw nails differentiation

The basics of differentiation — if it were only so simple...

If you read marketing textbooks (including my own), you'll see over and over the mantra: "You must differentiate."  Marketing consultants speak in unison about...
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Oldcastle Building Solutions has won the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition. You can view the review, and nominate your blog (or one you like) for the 2018 competition here.


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The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Update: Electronic edition revised (2015) We've published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we've updated...
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My social media e-book.


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Best construction blog competition:

Leah Thayer's and the site's blog at is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive blogs/websites for the remodelling industry. In fact, about two...

When the editor is the publisher (about business and editorial integrity)

Conventional media businesses generally are careful to ensure that the editorial (news) operations are separate from the advertising sales organization. The concept of "editorial...

Perception: It’s vitally important (for you, your colleagues and your clients)

Matt Handal has observed some vitally important concepts in his post: Why Marketers and Owners Don't Always See Eye to Eye. His observation: Marketers indeed...

Systems, again — three thoughts on what works (or not) in business, and why.

If you read business management books, you'll be reminded about systems. Set up a replicable process, ideally using scientific models, and you'll have a...
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Do you really want to scale your business to grow?

Bruce Johnson has published a provocative post: "If your business is not scalable, it's not a real business" in which he asserts the foundational...