Your greatest pain; your greatest strength

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African Zebras -- my interest in geography, history, and journalism led me to live in Africa and discover some powerful strengths that influence my marketing thoughts today
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A good time to consider your values/passions and their impact on marketing is at your annual or quarterly planning meeting.

One of my consistent marketing themes/philosophies is that your underlying business/marketing strategies should reflect your own values and passions. It is important, however, that these directions arise primarily through your proactive initiatives, rather than reactively to the work of media or marketing salespeople. If the latter occurs you could be the victim of effective salesmanship; rather than achieving your objectives. After all, good salespeople and marketers will (if they get it right) will appeal to YOUR emotions; your task is to appeal to your potential clients’ emotions — and unless you are a somewhat nasty manipulator (or simply a really good sales representative), you’ll find that easier to say than to do unless your emotions/values align with your potential clients.

So how do you make the distinction? Here, you need to combine your emotions with some practical planning — and a good time to do it would be in an annual or perhaps quarterly planning review/cycle. Then apply your natural interests and skills in the implementation strategy.

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