Your construction marketing magic bullet (restated): (right here, now)

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google imageHere’s the simplest, quickest route to construction marketing success.

Connect with your best current clients, and see if they will work with you to connect with their suppliers or influencers.

Perhaps you can create a special offer, a joint venture, or simply a friendly introduction. Be thoughtful about your approach — because this will be the single most powerful and immediately effective marketing method you will ever experience.


You combine the power of your reputation with your clients’ influence. Nothing in business will attract as much attention as the reference to someone receiving money from the referrer. (And that of course, happens obviously when your best clients refer you to their suppliers.)

Obviously, this model has greatest relevance in the business-to-business environment. However, you can apply it in a broader sense with consumers, by framing your references within social and affinity influence, such as church or community groups and associations.

And you can certainly make sure the proposals you develop here truly provide value and respect your clients. In fact, the concept only makes sense when you have truly satisfied clients because you really delivered the goods for them.

See this recent posting for additional resources about the?supply-chain relationship marketing model.

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