Your business card — how well does it work?

folded money card
folded money card

This thread shows a diversity of contractor business cards. I’m curious. Has your business card been effective in attracting new business and, if so, can you describe how?

(I can pull up some stuff on the web asserting advice for successful business card design, but would like to know if anything you’ve actually experienced stands out as being exceptionally useful.)

For example, this Contractor magazine story lists some suggestions for business card marketing. Some of the ideas are, well, cheesy, such as:

Folded money:?If this seems like a cheesy trick, well, it is. Print the back of a business card to resemble folded money. Print part of a $10, $20 or $100 bill. Or even print a faux $1,000,000 bill. Drop these cards face down during home shows and other events. People will pick them up, somewhat discreetly, but they will pick them up.

Does this stuff actually work? ?I’d like to see some science to validate the results. ?Or at least a few really good success stories.


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