Writing about construction marketing while experiencing a real world marketing challenge

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After many years of daily blogging discipline, readers here will notice that the updating cycle of Construction Marketing Ideas blog has become less reliable. This “breakdown” breaks the rules? of my blogging experience/history, and probably is a precursor to a much less frequent (weekly) blog updating cycle.

Why the change?

The challenge is I’m juggling more balls than I would normally like to manage including the routine publication maintenance, a significant business operating and legal restructuring, a vacation coupled with some business travel (we’re in Chicago now) and of course, the work to launch the daily Ontario Construction News publication next in a little more than a week.

This blog, necessarily, has lost some of its urgency and priority.

But there have been other crises and challenging periods since I started blogging daily in 2006-07? Could there be another reason(s)?

I suspect there is an issue of diminishing returns. Perhaps there is less value in writing about construction marketing when there is the real world challenge of creating a new publication from scratch, that will test my management skills and resources. Maybe I want to prove the validity of the new business before pushing forward with advice in these posts.

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