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This image from Scavullo Design Interiors (from Houzz.com) is an example of the images used on the Worthington?Architectural Millwork blog. The blog rightfully provides source credit for the images it uses.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Tocci Building Companies Blog, reporting on its incredibly effective use of thoughtful text and excellent images to create a truly powerful blog.

I didn’t expect to see another blog of the same calibre just one day later — and so have been truly pleasantly surprised with the Worthington Architectural Millwork blog.

This blog combines in-depth postings in its area of speciality (obviously, architectural millwork), with really wonderful, professional photography. It is a joy to read and view. The company effectively has gathered solid guest posts relevant to its topic area.

Consider, for example, this recent posting: Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Perfect Front Porch. This is just a portion of the detail here:

An example of a wraparound porch, from Creative Touch Interiors (Houzz.com)
An example of a wraparound porch, from Creative Touch Interiors (Houzz.com)

Details add up. Small details can be important to the final appearance of a porch.

The floor of a porch looks different with wide-plank wood decking than with concrete or tile. Ceilings, as in this example, can be finished in beadboard, and beadboard comes in numerous sizes. The board can be as narrow as 2 in. and as wide as 8 in., with the bead detail also varying.The architecture of the main structure should dictate the type and detail of the columns. The railing can also vary greatly and be of several different types of material. Wood is just one, but you will find wrought iron, cable and steel, depending on the architecture.

If you are thinking about or planning a porch project, this posting would be effectively a design manual — and it is just one posting, on one topic. You can see many more entries — with additional, useful comments.

I think this blog is another worthy entry in the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition.
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