Working with QR (Quick Response) codes


cadcr qr codeWe?ve started to discover the power and potential of QR (Quick Response) codes for marketing.  The little bar codes can be imprinted in your print ads, billboards, marketing collateral, even your websites and T-Shirts.  Scan your mobile device equipped with a (free) QR Code reader and you are instantly directed to the relevant webpage, phone or contact information document.

Effectively used, QR Codes increase the ability for you to both respond (and as a marketer) measure your marketing responses.

I expect these codes will become even more relevant as smart phones and other portable devices become even more widely used.

We?re publishing special features about QR Codes in the upcoming issues of our Canadian publications.  As part of the resources, we?ve provided a QR Code linking to a special page within the Canadian Design and Construction Report with more information about QR Codes.  Of course, if you don?t yet know how to use this technology, you might have trouble accessing the page through the QR code here.  So, you can visit it directly at

I expect the complete issue with the full QR Code feature will be published within days.

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