Word-of-mouth in action: Bobby Darnell and joinme.com


joinme.comYesterday’s conversation with Bobby Darnell, who will be the guest presenter at the second Construction Marketing Ideas webinar on Sept. 10, Prospecting for Geniuses — at Things Other than Prospecting,?concluded with a surprising bit of word-of-mouth marketing.

I observed that I planned to use a well-known “brand name” webinar service, noting that my efforts to use alternative systems (including the fun Google Hangouts with videoconference capacities) simply lacked the reliability we needed for a paid event. “We can’t afford technical glitches,” I told him.

He responded that he uses joinme.com. I asked him to put the name in an an email, along with his supporting materials for the webinar. A few minutes later, he sent this brief note:

Here is the link to Join Me: www.joinme.com

The technology I use for all of my webinars.

Joinme.com’s fees for its “pro” service ?for up to 250 visitors is reasonable — between $149 ?and $228 a year. You can sign up for a free service if you wish to conference with 10 or fewer users (of course you can also do that with Google Hangouts.)

Now, I’ve never used nor tested joinme.com personally. However, I respect Bobby’s recommendations, and there is pragmatic reason for this trust (a cornerstone of marketing, of course). If Bobby is sharing in the revenue from the Sept. 10 webinar, he won’t serve his own interests by making a poor recommendation for the service carrier. He isn’t receiving any compensation or referral fees from joinme.com. So, I can confidently recommend this service, even though I’ve never used it before. (Darnell and I agreed that we should complete a full dry-run of his webinar a week ahead, and scheduled that, in our meeting yesterday.)

CMC for geniuses

As for Darnell’s webinar, I think it will be exceptionally useful for anyone with business development responsibilities who isn’t a “business developer” (aka salesperson) by nature. If you elect to join Matt Handal’s upcoming Webinar about proposals and Darnell’s presentation on prospecting, you can save some money as well.

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