Woorank.com: How does your site rank?


I discovered the free woorank.com service through a peer who works with me as a volunteer on Google?s help forums.  The tool is perhaps the most rapid and comprehensive site assessment resource for search engine optimization indicators I?ve seen to date.

This blog has a ranking of 55.2 per cent ? obviously indicating quite a few areas of improvement (which are summarized in the detailed report generated within a few minutes).  So I tested several other sites, from relevant  businesses and trade associations and groups and (to my surprise) constructionmarketingideas.com remained as the top performer.

So, I invite you to take the first test, and if you score more than 55.2 per cent, to (if you wish) share the news with me.  You can use the comment function (see top left of the posting) or email buckshon@cnrgp.com.  If your site is relevant to the AEC community, I?ll post it here as an example of what can be done to succeed ? and of course provide a hyperlink.

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