Why you should blog, if you aren’t already doing it

This builderkatalyst.com post explains the advantage of blogging, video and live streaming for AEC marketers
This  builderkatalyst.com post explains the advantage of blogging, video and live streaming for AEC marketers
This builderkatalyst.com post explains the advantage of blogging, video and live streaming for AEC marketers

In 2015/16, blogging seems like “old stuff”, (in Internet-era time) yet it has?proved its?consistent if quiet marketing value for AEC businesses. Dan Collins in BuilderKatalyst outlines some of the advantages of blogging — and in the process, demonstrates one of them — this link will help out on credibility and search engine rankings, and didn’t cost him a cent in effort beyond writing the original posting (which I suspect has been modified, adapted and recycled for different markets besides the construction community.)

It makes consuming specific information easy for your target audience
Even when they aren?t busy, people are in a hurry. This is evidenced by the fact that people make up their minds about things online in less than 50 thousandths of a second. A good blog post caters to this tendency by delivering concise information that can be read both piecemeal (subheadings should allow each section of a post to function on its own) or as a whole.

Search engines love it
By now, you have probably heard the term SEO that your ears ringing. The value of SEO is easy to understand, since Google alone gets over 3.5 billion?searches per day. That being said, search engines have been making huge efforts to reduce the amount of spam on the web and connect people with more useful content; high quality blogs have emerged as a preferred source of content for search engines to provide to searchers. As a result, a good blog will go a long way towards improving your search engine rankings for all of your digital platforms.

It gives you a consistent online brand
As you know, people will only trust your medical devices as much as they trust your brand. For many potential customers, your brand will only be defined by what they see on the web; your blog gives you a great deal of power for molding your online brand to your will. Useful blog posts that address your target audience?s needs position you as a helpful industry leader that values your customers? time.

It provides residual value
A great blog post will continue to perform for you long after its initial post date. This is because they already have a lot of traffic, have plenty of shares, and don?t require much work to keep up to date. It is for these reasons that inbound marketing leader HubSpot constantly brags about how their blog posts from years ago are some of their best performers.

It can instantly connect people with every other channel
A single blog post can connect your audience to whatever you want it to, including other content marketing channels and even your sales team.

Blogging isn?t rocket science
Despite the value that it brings, blogging is not difficult at all. Whether you write the posts yourself or hire a professional copywriter, you can easily get your blog started by adding a dedicated page to your company?s website and discussing topics relevant to your target audience?s needs.

The last point, I think, is especially relevant. In fact, the most popular blogging interface, WordPress.org, has become the most popular site building tool because of its systematized adaptability and amazingly diverse collection of free or nearly-free resources to upgrade and enhance the experience.

Of course, if you have a blog or know one you like, you should enter it in the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition. There is no charge to enter and all qualified blogs receive a free editorial review here, plus plenty of recognition of they are successful.
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