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Whirlwind Steel, a manufacturer of steel buildings and construction components, has produced a blog that provides a diversity of useful advice and resources for contractors.?The blog certainly doesn’t focus on self-serving promotional news. Instead, it shares insights into business management, technology, and practices, and provides a worthy perspective several important topics.

Consider for example this recent posting describing best employment/hiring practices, where you can learn about what the company considers to be the five top hiring mistakes:

Number four in the list is:

Unstructured Interview Processes.

While most companies don’t go into an interview completely blind, interviews are rarely consistent enough to compare applicants equally and across the same criteria. Make sure everyone has the opportunity to answer the same questions before the interview moves into a more free-form model, or before you allow the interviewee to ask questions.

Ask relevant questions that incite detailed and informative answers. Once your applicants are selected, put together a list of interview questions that really get to the heart of the matter and will allow you to screen your candidates. Your questions should bring out whether or not interviewees are as experienced as their applications allude, and whether or not they are capable of meeting the job’s description, in addition to sharing a bit of their personality.

Keep interview questions/topics legal. Make sure none of your questions cross the lines of employment laws.?Monster.com?goes over common but illegal interview questions.

Press for details. Ask multi-layered questions that require applicants to describe specific job experiences or challenging scenarios and press them for detail.

Other hiring errors include: Running a vague employment advertisement, needs confusion, not screening candidates properly, and failing to have multiple interviews.

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Obviously, this is a comprehensive blog and worthy of your review.

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