Which construction marketing systems work best for you?


Duct Tape Marketing website screen shotJohn Jantsch?s Duct Tape Marketing is undoubtedly a great book.  Jantsch has followed Michael Gerber?s E-Myth philosophy, building out some really solid marketing ideas into a consulting/coaching system.  Certainly, I can recommend you purchase John?s excellent book ? the question is, should you purchase the other services down the line?

The answer, I think, relates to all consulting and business guidance resources.  If you are paying for others? brains, intelligence and insights, then the cost can be significant and undoubtedly, especially if you are straining your resources to pay the fees, you?ll receive value for your money.  When you put skin into the game, you care, and you learn.  I certainly discovered that concept when I travelled to Hunt Texas in the early 90s to see the (now late) Walt Hailey and learn directly from him the secrets of ?Breaking the No Barrier? ? to me, the most effective and powerful business book I?ve ever read.

Conversely, I spent about the same amount of money some years later travelling to northern California to experience Micahel Gerber?s E-Myth program first hand.  The process had some value, but ultimately, I sensed I was paying top dollar for advice and ?systems? which I could figure out much less expensively.

(Gerber, I believe, has since sold his consulting business to employee/managers and the consulting operation has been relocated.  The old ?systems? have been revised and may be updated to current trends.)

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