Where does your construction marketing brand begin?


Roofing blog referenceThis blog posting by Eric Heath ? 2102:  The Year to Brand YOURSELF! ? tied in with a posting on the other Construction Marketing Ideas blog about how Heath has developed an effective industrial roofing sales model, raises some interesting questions.  When and how do you achieve branding success?

The concept behind your brand is trust; sufficient that current and potential clients don?t worry about doing business with you and paying whatever fees you charge.  In the perfect situation, they will pay a premium price because they perceive your value is much greater than the competition, tolerate your errors and mistakes and go out of their way to refer friends and colleagues to you.

Generally, all the marketing tools in the world are not effective unless you have sustainable substance and value underneath the surface, but some branding successes are intriguing because of their ability to greatly inflate the product or service?s value significantly beyond the purely objective level.  Heath, as far as I can tell, is an agent for a commercial roofing supply company which invites dozens of others to do the same thing, where competitive materials, labour and technologies are available to virtually any roofing contractor, anywhere.

Heath writes about starting a Facebook page, a blog and obtaining video testimonials.  I?ve discovered, as well, how integrating your business within relevant client-focused associations can create incredible returns, especially when you correlate your association participation with leadership roles and intense and active community and charitable participation.

Effective branding, coupled with solid systems and processes, enable you to work with truly effective sales representatives because they are able to sell more with less effort ? and of course your systems are designed to attract and retain the top producers.  With high client loyalty and referrals, the ability to set prices above the norm allows you to enhance your margins and profitability.  Hence, you can see the rather immense business value of getting your construction marketing right.

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