What really works for you? — a survey

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Our ongoing poll — which shows the importance of repeat and referral leads for AEC businesses and practices. This survey looks more closely into the other categories, for effectiveness.

Undoubtedly, most architectural, engineering and construction businesses and practices attract most business through repeat clients and referrals (word-of-mouth). The question is: What about the “others” — and today I’m surveying a few thousand blog/Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter and LinkedIn construction marketing idea group members for some answers to this question.

The quick answer to this question might be “It depends” and of course the ideal marketing approaches may vary between a small residential contractor and a large multi-national co-ordinating multi-million dollar public and institutional projects. I’m hoping that the survey results will be large enough that we can slice and dice the marketing approaches by category.

One interesting feature of this survey is that I don’t ask what works “best” — but simply what is profitable for your business or practice — in other words you can select several variations. Again, this information may be helpful in comparing your organization to others, and to allow you to consider your priorities in future marketing investments.

This is a very quick survey — and once you complete it, you’ll be able to monitor results real-time.

You can participate by going to this link.

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