What really works: Continuing the survey

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Which marketing methods are profitable for your business? This chart shows earlier results. For current data, please complete the survey by clicking on the image.

Today, I’m using an extended mailing list to distribute the “what really works” survey, to add to the database and the accuracy/reliability of the survey’s overall results.

Right now, we have 67 ?responses, not enough for any statistical value, but certainly enough to provide some clues about effective marketing strategies beyond repeat clients and word-of-mouth (referral) business.

Notably, while not everything works for everyone, most marketing models work for some businesses. With a larger sample, I may be able to hone things down by business type/size — giving you additional information to apply to your own business.

You can see the real-time results by completing the survey (that is your?immediate reward for answering the questions). If you’ve already completed the survey and would like to update the results, the link we would have sent you by email at the time should still be good. ?I don’t want to republish the results here right now — at least while the general survey mailing is in place.

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