What really works: An update

what works survey
The results of the Construction Marketing Ideas survey of effective methods beyond repeat/referral business development
what works survey
What really works? This survey shows that association and community involvement participation is effective for slightly more than a third of businesses.

A few months ago, I posted a survey to determine profitable marketing options in addition to word of mouth and referral business. We now have nearly?100 responses, and, while the data isn’t scientifically valid, it still provides clues about where you would find the greatest possibility of success in your marketing initiatives.

As I expected, association and community participation and relationships rank highest, at 35, and telemarketing and canvassing are dead last at four (out of 97 answers so far.)

The survey remains open — you can answer it here — and, when you do, receive the complete results. Note that there can be more than one “right” answer — multiple responses are okay, as long each marketing option has generated some business in the past year.

Note as well that several individuals commented that their business arises primarily from word of mouth and referral — there is no doubt that you should be in a position where this type of positive relationship-building and continuing client contact/support are your major marketing priorities.

I sense as well that association and community participation correlates well with repeat and referral business, because many relationships developed within the association environments will help you spread the word and generate the positive karma you are seeking.

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