What if . . .? ($5.00 in quarters can get you started)


Is there a way for you to?experience an incredibly successfully marketing initiative, without excessive effort ?

The answer: Think to your business’s roots; the point where you set out to do things at the outset and you succeeded.

The effort may have been excessive by current (established business) standards, but at the beginning you had no internal comparisons: Most likely, you?simply reaching for your dream, and making it happen. (If you have joined an established business as a marketer, and don’t know the company’s roots, you might benefit from learning your company/practice’s early history and possibly helping the founders to write it.)

Undoubtedly, somehow in the early goings you connected with genuine client needs and maybe, if you were really on the ball, managed to presell your first product/service and been paid up front. (If you couldn’t do this, I expect the new business would fail quite quickly.)

My own story . . .

It started with a marketing piece I developed with a roll of quarters.

I did this with my first publication, after several people told me that most publishers fail within their first year. I created a marketing letter?with a quarter (showing the cost to reach one qualified reader with a full-page ad), and approached relevant businesses, preselling enough advertising and receiving the up-front cash to pay the printing and distribution costs. I was in business. In essence, I proved there was demand for the product before I even had a prototype.

Conclusion — test out your new ideas with potential customers before spending serious dollars on the project. If you can, get them to commit, and if you really can get them to prepay, you are on your way.

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