What do people think about your marketing?


I ask my clients and colleagues for their opinions about my marketing materials


One challenge in construction? marketing is gathering feedback and knowledge about whether your initiatives are succeeding.? Of course, you know you are on the right track when potential and current clients inquire and their inquiries lead to profitable work, and referrals.? However, the marketing process is much more nuanced and (especially for work other than simple fix-up projects) can involve a much longer ordering and implementation cycle.? In these cases, there are likely to be more than one decision point and even decision-maker.

Related to the lengthy time lines and complexity in decision-making is the fact that many marketing variables are generally insignificant in the vital decision-making process but you have to be careful about assessing what is significant and what doesn?t really count.

I find this insignificance factor especially apparent in marketing materials, whether they be your logo, brochures and business cards or websites.? The intrinsic quality and professionalism of these tools are often over-rated in my opinion.? If you are fussing about these things ? rather than what your clients really think about your service and how you can make the entire experience more satisfying ? you are missing the point and likely will experience a serious marketing failure.

Nevertheless, you can conduct simple tests and in fact achieve higher marketing objectives when you engage your current and potential clients in decisions about marketing collateral materials such as graphics, logos and your website.

Why not ask their opinion?? Online polls are easy to structure and administer.? You can quickly obtain feedback and response and determine if you wish to make the change (or which choice to make if you are trying something new).? The polling/voting process also helps bring your clients into the story and gives them a sense of participation in your business (and you may receive some useful suggestions from them, as well as new business.)

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