Voting starts for 2018 Best Construction Blog competition

    blog nomination page

    The nominations have closed: The voting begins.

    For the next two months (until March 31) you can cast your ballot for the blog(s) you like the most among the 17 nominees. Several are return entries from previous contests, but many are new.

    The voting rules allow you to select as many blogs as you like in the ballot, but you can only vote once.

    In the next several weeks, I’ll individually review each of the entries.

    Once the votes are tabulated on March 31, the competition moves to the next stage — the independent judging panel.

    The combination of popular votes and judging creates, in my opinion, the ideal model for a fair competition. Since it is okay for individuals representing nominated blogs to conduct “get out the vote” campaigns, the system might unfairly give advantage to large companies or organizations where it is easy to get out the word to employees and suppliers to vote.? Conversely, it is reasonable that a blog have enough support/interest from its readers to qualify.

    The judging rules allow the judges to select any blog they wish, but generally they’ll review only the top six or seven blogs in the popular vote. So it is important for the nominated blogs to receive some popular support, but they don’t need to push to be number one (though it won’t hurt if they do.)

    Here’s the voting form.

    [wufoo username=”constructionnrhroup” formhash=”k1ow4ye61enj82d” autoresize=”true” height=”1381″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

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