Voting begins in 2019 Best Construction Blog competition

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The finalists for the 2019 Best Construction Blog will be announced next Monday.

It’s time to start voting for your favorite blog(s) in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition.

This year’s competition has 24 entries, with several returning blogs (and some former Besst Construction Blog winners) competing against first-time entries.

The voting rules are simple. You may vote for one or several blogs, but you can only vote once for each email address. Voting remains open until 11:45 p.m. on March 31.

Through the next few month’s, you can view live updates of the voting results.

I’ll review each entry and of course invite your comments along with your votes.

Can the voting system be abused? Clearly, some people can use more than one email address and it is within the rules for friends, family and colleagues to vote for their favorite blog. The risks and biases here are offset by the fact that the best construction blog winner is not decided purely by the popular vote. Independent judges will review the entries in April and determine the winner. In essence, the popular vote helps in the shortlist process — the judges are less likely to review lower-ranking blogs — but a massive vote-getting campaign doesn’t ensure victory.

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