Voting begins for 2015 Best Construction Blog competition

blog nomination page

blog logo cmiVoting has opened for the 28 bloggers entered in the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition. The voting period — until midnight on March 31 — allows bloggers and readers to campaign for their favourite blogs.

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The popular vote carries significant weight in the finalist decisions, though the best blog will be selected by an independent judging panel. The judging helps to level the playing field — otherwise, large companies can encourage all their employees to vote, swamping the results; or (conversely), restrictions on voting to one per internet protocol address would unfairly limit votes from colleagues and co-workers. As well the judging ensures that other aspects beyond success in a “get out the vote” campaign can be considered.

You can vote for as many blogs as you wish, but you can only vote once.

I’ll review all of the blogs within the next month and invite your comments as well.

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