Virtual reality: Can you create a real opportunity out of it?

VR room

Colin Donohue of Root Deeper Marketing has drawn my attention to the possible emerging new market in building “virtual reality rooms” as the VR technology advances to the stage that it will become a commonly available resource. Tech giants Google and Facebook are battling in this area (as in many others — the competition between these two giants is like between Coke and Pepsi), pushing the VR costs down and increasing capacity/resources.

Already, augmented and virtual reality have relevance in building design and construction planning, as they push the experience level of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to a more immediate level. But building VR rooms requires more prosaic and conventional skills, provided by electricians, carpenters, drywall installers, painters, and of course general/renovation contractors.

Could you find/open a new market in your community by offering these services?

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