Video for construction marketing: Strengths and weaknesses


Scott Stratten bioScott Stratten in  UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging (Amazon affiliate link) advocates the effective use of giving and connecting in social media.  It is a pretty useful book, though there are some weaknesses.  For example, he talks about how he felt frustrated by shopping at Best Buy and went over to Future Shop, ?a competing retailer? next door ? not knowing, it seems, that both stores are actually owned by the same organization, so if they are ?competing?, they are competing against themselves!

However, Stratten has been successful in creating viral videos and he points out how to be more effective in this form of marketing.  Production quality is less important than the emotive impact and influence on the viewers.  Connect to your viewers needs and emotions, and you?ll capture the goal of engagement and, if you do it right, inbound inquiries.

Video production these days is relatively easy, but is still much slower than conventional writing and blogging.  I initially posted a video with this entry, but on reviewing it (see comment below, written when the video was online), decided to take it down.  A bad video, in my opinion, is worse than no video.

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