Using micro sites and mini-books to sell bigger things: An experiment

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Matt Handal’s book is worth every cent

Yesterday, after returning from a challenging day?s work where I needed to be the person making the construction marketing purchasing, rather than selling or marketing decisions, I received this email from Matt Handal:


I wanted to let you know what?s going down tomorrow. I?m trying something new (well, a few things).

New E-Book

I wrote a new e-book called Proposal Writing In A Nutshell

Tomorrow and Saturday it will be free. After that, it will be priced at 99 cents.

The book is geared towards people who have little to no experience writing proposals. With that said, it?s much shorter than my last book and contains some of the same information. In some sense, it gives you a taste of why one might want to buy Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home on Time.

Feel free to let your readers know about the freebie.

New Website

In addition, I started a new website (

With that said, I would really appreciate a link to the new website.

Kindle Subscriptions

I also started allowing people to subscribe to HelpEverybodyEveryday on their Kindle compatible device. This is through Amazon and costs subscribers $1 per month.

I don?t think many people will subscribe, but let?s test that theory out. I?ll let you know the results.

The publishing experiments continue,

Matt Handal

These are intriguing initiatives.  Frankly, I wouldn?t pay 99 cents for the mini book, when you can obtain the real thing for just a little more ? and, as Matt indicates, view it for free on his web site.  In any case, when you visit the mini book site, you?ll see it is blatantly self-promotional.

Matt may be following some ?best practices? advice for search engine optimization and online marketing; in which case, it doesn?t really matter much how much value you find in these reading alternatives.  In any case the mini-book is free for a day or two and you can always, as Matt says, visit his special micro-site, so go ahead and visit.  Then purchase the real thing.  The full book (in print or electronic format) is really is worth the money.

P.S. Please feel free to  read the other Construction Marketing Ideas blog for some observations on why things don?t always go according to plan in sales and marketing.

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