Ups and downs: Keeping things in perspective

mixed mood
How do you deal with mixed moods?
How do you deal with mixed moods?
How do you deal with mixed moods?

Yesterday was “that” kind of day. ?At 1:30 ?p.m. I visited my family doctor for the annual check-up review. ?His observation: “Good news — you have no health problems.” ?Even the pre-diabetes indicators had disappeared. And I could report to him that when I followed his advice to have my eyes checked routinely, the optometrist had advised that my vision had actually improved in the past two years.

Then, feeling quite good, I set to work, and opened an email from a key contractor who indicated she believed she would need to leave our organization. Her note described her perception of some less-than-perfect circumstances within our business. ?I had seen her as a key rising star, one who could lead us to greater things.

Deflation. Frustration. And, looking at the immediate workload, a combination of fear and fatigue overtook my mind.

Obviously, this is a tale of two very different moods — and anyone with a sense of proportionality would know the good news far outweighed the bad news. I headed to the gym for my daily exercise (a key part of maintaining my health) and a community service meeting before heading home. ?”How could things be changed to make them better?” I thought.

Now, if you were a sales representative, or marketer with a message for me, what would it be, and how would I have received it yesterday? ?The simple answer, naturally, is it depends, but it is unlikely I would be more receptive to a cold offer for something that demands significant cash and management attention, than an idea that could solve the personnel challenge. ?(That may be a tough nut to crack — my community voluntary work includes serving on an advisory committee for a non-profit organization’s publication, and one of that publication’s biggest challenges — finding enough sales, and someone willing to lead that process. ?I told the committee that is a universal problem of publishers, and dare I say, virtually every business.)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. I won’t bother our contractor as she celebrates the holiday with her family. ?There is a need for respect. We’ll figure out answers to the business challenges. I will continue my healthy exercise and eating habits, appreciating that good health makes it much easier to deal with stressful immediate circumstances.

Have you experienced your own “mixed mood” day? ?How does it affect your business and client relationships and responses to marketing initiatives. ?You can email me at or comment below.

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