Understanding your potential clients’ perspectives: You need to know how they view themselves and the world

istock broken old window
architectural drawing
Computer generated perspective of the Moscow School of Management, by David Adjaye (from Wikipedia article on architectural drawing).

Jason Yana posts in his informative blog the importance of understanding how architects view the world, if you want to sell building products or other services through or to architects.

I have always wanted to see and understand how every little connector, part and component go together and was excited to see that many great architects of the past and present felt the same. While most were interested in the final product of architecture ? the outward appearance of the finished project ? I was equally interested in all the things you never see once a building is completed. All the materials, products, connectors, etc. are as beautiful to me as any stainless steel appliance, granite countertop or other decorative design element.

Architects tend to have 2 streams of consciousness running simultaneously

This is the way most of the architects you will encounter look at the world. ?They look at everything, they see everything and they tend to maintain two tracks of consciousness :

  1. The way the world is
  2. The way the world could be

It is like there is a sub-title track at the bottom of their movie, constantly trying to bridge the gap between what is, and what could be.

He uses this knowledge to sell visual design services for building products manufacturers.

The same question, rightfully, should be top-of-mind when you are figuring out the most appropriate marketing strategy for your business. It?is important to see things through your potential client’s eyes as well as your own. (This explains why you have an edge in the marketing process if you’ve walked in the shoes or done the work of the people to whom you wish to market. You have that ability built into your consciousness and subconscious perspectives.)

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