Today’s the final day (Jan. 31, 2019) for Best Construction Blog competition nominations

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In just a few hours (from writing) the nominations will close for the?2019 Best Construction Blog Competition?.

There’s been a healthy surge in nominations in the past few days, indicating a solid competition.

At the moment, 21 individuals have returned nomination forms, some with more than one blog referenced, but some of the nominations are duplicates. Accordingly, I won’t know the actual number of nominees until late tonight when I review the forms, and screen them quickly for eligibility. (Obvious spam blogs or ‘splogs’?are disqualified, and of course the topic must relate to the architectural, engineering and construction community.)

By tomorrow morning, the voting form should be ready and released here — and the popular vote tally commences, concluding at midnight on March 31.

If you are reading this post today (Jan. 31), the form below will work. Otherwise, if you are even a day late, you’ll have to wait until 2020 to enter next year’s competition.

There’s no cost to enter the competition, and every qualifying entry wins — because each entry will receive a positive editorial review here during the public voting period between Feb. 1 and March 31. As well, the blog will be listed in the Construction Marketing Ideas Blogs and Resources directory.

Judging is through a combination of popular vote and independent judges — this ensures a fair competition, recognizing initiative and support for the blog (though the voting process) but still allowing a final “win” from a great blog that might not have a massive outpouring of votes.? We’ll publish running tallies of the popular vote and a detailed review of the finalist blog in late April, once the judges have reviewed the entries.

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