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tocci blog image
tocci blog image
An image from a Tocci Companies blog posting — is this a photo or rendering?

There are certain “standard expectations” in a contracting company’s blog/site. Images of work done, perhaps profiles of key company leaders, references to community service, association involvement and the like. However, what happens when a contractor goes beyond that level to the higher place of design, thought and leadership? This is what I see when I view Massachusetts-based Tocci Building Companies’ blog.

The graphic design — with reverse imaging — requires some “getting used to” and (frankly) is a bit hard on my 61-year-old eyes (yes, showing my age here). Yet, I can certainly see this blog goes a step further than most others I’ve seen. Like . . . the images and stories express ideas requiring reflection yet communicate their messages effectively and succinctly.

As an example, consider this post: The Scoop: Photo or 3D Rendering.

Here’s one of the images on this posting (and I’ve used another two — one at the top of this review and the other for our page 1 cover.)

Tocci 1
Photo or rendering . . . What do you think?

The blog entry:

As technology continues to evolve and improve, 3D renderings are more lifelike than ever and the line between virtual and reality continues to blur. Historically, it was difficult to provide clients or consumers with an accurate visual representation of a concept or design. Today, renderings can easily be mistaken for photographs with their amazing level of detail. These enhanced 3D images are an incredibly powerful tool for architects, builders and marketers. For example, a developer of a new construction luxury building can easily see the impact of design changes and make quicker, more strategic decisions. The same detailed renderings can also generate media buzz around the apartments and enable consumers to envision themselves living the space.

We?ve also seen 3D renderings used in consumer marketing. Ikea has applied Scandinavian pragmatism to their catalogs where 75% of the images are renderings. Staying true to their corporate philosophy of affordability, the realistic renderings are more cost-effective than traditionally staged photos and allows the company to easily generate the perfect space decorated with all the right elements.

So we have a challenge for you. Can you identify which of the following images are renderings and which ones are photos?

I’ve picked just three of the images to reproduce here, but encourage you to go to the posting to see the others and discover the answer to the question.

Truly, this is an incredible blog, both in design and content. I think it can be a serious contender in this year’s Best Construction Blog competition.

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