To Chicago and Indianapolis . . . connecting in the midwest


Very early tomorrow (July 8 2017), I’ll be heading to the airport with Vivian for a week in Chicago and Indianapolis. This visit provides a good opportunity to reconnect with Chicago, where we publish Chicago Construction News, and to attend the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) convention in Indy — where we publish

If you would like to connect/converse with me when in either community, you can communicate by email at or by phone at a special roaming number, (267) 243-0292. (I can safely give out the number because it has an unlimited “talk” option and only works during the week, so spammers won’t be able to cause too much trouble.)

Please communicate if you have a marketing question or perhaps wish to share a brag story as I’m always interested in hearing about successes and how they occur.

Video: The promotional marketing piece for Build Business

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