Time-lapse photography with a $300 camera: Could this create worthy marketing videos?

josh banks

Photographer Josh Banks has produced a YouTube video, where he successfully converted a four-month construction project to a three-minute video using a couple of?inexpensive?($300-range) time-lapse cameras.

He describes the video production for the McDonald’s franchise construction of Rochester, MN contractor Alvin E. Benike, Inc. in this blog posting, making it clear that you don’t need to be a truly professional photographer to use the time-lapse photography tool to generate a video that might make for a wonderful client keep-sake and also tell your marketing story.

(I see other?advantages of installing these devices on the job-site — security and insurance/job monitoring. If someone tries to steal something, you might have the vital “caught you in the act” photographic evidence, and if there are disputes later, you’ll have some pretty valuable photographic evidence. However, probably you shouldn’t rely on this tool exclusively — specific and co-ordinated site-related photography either by a professional photographer and/or your staff may provide more useful documentation and marketing materials.)

I’ve asked Josh if he can relate any marketing success/quantification data in using time-lapse photography. He answered: “Regarding specific data, I can’t provide much more than YouTube view counts, which tend to gain momentum as word spreads. Time lapse videos are great on social media and at trade shows. People watch time lapse videos just to see what happens.”

However, the cost seems quite low, and if you are comfortable with simple desk-top editing tools, you probably can do this yourself or assign someone on your team who enjoys cameras and photo editing tools to do it for you at virtually no cost.

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