Three unconventional construction marketing rules for success


at the meetupHere are three rules that may change your perceptions and approaches to effective architectural, engineering and construction marketing.

Be generous with your time and expertise in the community and with client-focused associations

The clich?, the “more you give, the more you get” has real merit — but if you “give to get” you will fail. So you need to put your selfish interests aside and focus purely on how you can really support and contribute without worrying about the return on your time/investment.

Do what you enjoy

The saddest people I know say they are trapped in work they don’t enjoy because they need the money. In Ottawa, we find this quite a bit in the Canadian civil service — where long-service employees just hang on until retirement and their pensions. Not everything in life is fun, of course, but if you can’t enjoy your work, you won’t be truly successful.

Try something each day to learn something new or stretch your limits

It doesn’t need to be a big stretch and we all enjoy staying somewhere within our comfort zones. Yet reaching out and trying something new will give you an edge and add to your effective marketing resources.

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