Three Monday morning construction marketing kickstarting ideas

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ConstructionThe new week has started, and you are struggling with the marketing/business development challenges. Here are three simple ideas you can implement right away that should almost immediately enhance your bottom line/marketing effectiveness.

Think about your best clients, and think about more.

You’ll know the clients you love — they pay promptly, they are easy to work with, and they return for more. Think about thanking them, about inviting them to participate in a testimonial video, and about their relationships/connections and associations and associates. In the most direct and blunt approach, you can work with them to encourage referrals. In a more indirect model, you may join or participate in their relevant trade groups and associations, volunteering for committees and sharing in the good-will karma.

Contribute to the community, sincerely.

This may seem counter-intuitive but the results are most impressive when you aren’t looking for anything in return. Which causes, issues, charities touch your (and your employees) hearts — and where can you do the most to help. Volunteer. Lead in the fund-raising and support. Of course, it won’t hurt if the people you work with could become clients but I wouldn’t worry too much about ?marketing objectives here because,?if you try to measure and assess your reward-for-effort, you may expect results when they should occur naturally. There’s a reason genuine community contributions help marketing so much — they enhance trust, and trust reflects?branding’s foundation.

Pick brains, effectively.

Pick an area of marketing or business development and learn everything you can from successful business counterparts and experts they recommend. I realize you can’t easily talk to your more successful competitors and ask their advice (though they may in some cases be surprisingly helpful.) ?However, if you belong to relevant trade associations, you may have be able to forge connections with counterparts in non-competitive markets. But you aren’t just interested in copying their success; you want to learn where they learned their marketing skills — and then retain these services to take you to the next level.

Three ideas, there: ?Now a brief survey. ?Which of these ideas do you like the most?

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