Three low (cash) cost construction marketing priorities

the dinner
The dinner attracted almost 160 guests, and helped several relationships to develop

ConstructionHere are three construction marketing ideas you can implement by spending $1,000 or less (total). The only catch (but a big one): They aren’t free rides — you need to put some sweat into the process and that includes learning time and some real energy/effort. You could contract out some of this work, but this is one place where (at least at the start) a little self-directed energy will pay dividends down the road; so you can properly evaluate the skills of others offering the relevant services.

Join, participate in, and then lead client focused associations and groups

Remember the key phrase: “client focused”. It is okay to belong to associations reflecting your own industry; the marketing challenge is to connect and lead associations reflecting the people and organizations you wish to reach. These can be community, hobby or religious organizations in business-to-consumer markets, and trade and business associations in the business-to-business marketplace.

This strategy won’t provide generally a quick pay-off; in fact the profitability will arise generally after a long apprenticeship with a selfless orientation. However, done right, you will embed yourself (and your relationships) to develop a steady and increasing business volume.

Cost: Membership dues and event/attendance fees (don’t rush to pay to sponsor or advertiser with relevant associations at the beginning) so overall investment shouldn’t need to be much more than $1,000 a year per association.

Build and maintain an effective website and social media presence

You can hire others to do this work for you, but the cost of building a solid website isn’t high, especially if you set it on low-cost or even free platforms. The challenge, of course, is getting it right and professionally done. Probably you would benefit from some industry-focused guidance and instruction. The best leads for relevant website builders probably will be through word-of-mouth recommendations from others who have had good experiences (and are achieving solid results). d

Cost: You can spend $5,000 to $10,000 — but shouldn’t need to go anywhere near that high with some homework and research. You can build a decent website for well less than $1,000.

Develop and manage a simple repeat and referral program

Your first and probably most cost-effective marketing campaign will be to your existing clients, thanking them for their business, and encouraging them to call you if they have more work to do; or know others who may benefit from your services. You might be uncomfortable asking for referrals, but if you can overcome that discomfort, you’ll reap the rewards.

Cost: As low as zero (you thank and ask by phone or in person); or you may provide some small gifts or develop a simple direct mail or email campaign. None of these initiatives should cost you more than $1,000.

I elaborate on these ideas and provide some?suggestions?in the Construction Marketing Ideas book. You can request your own copy today.


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