Three changes you can make to achieve construction marketing success today

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Here are three things you can do today to achieve construction marketing success.

Review your current client list, and develop feedback/thank-you, referral and?communications contact programs.

Most of your business arises from repeat and referral clients, right? If not, you’ll want to study why. ?If is, even a modest improvement in yield from repeat and referral clients will truly enhance your bottom line, because the cost of building/enhancing your repeat/referral business will be much lower than other marketing methods. ?As well, if you get 70 per cent of your business from repeat/referral clients, a 10 per cent increase will increase your overall volume by seven per cent.

Instill/involve yourself in community and association activities (but don’t worry about marketing results).

These observations seem contradictory — but if you participate in associations and community activities with expectations of marketing return, you’ll likely be disappointed. However, genuinely sharing and contributing have powerful brand and relationship-building value, and can enhance your employee involvement and sharing.

Learn stuff: Read, consult, then commit to the process

Consultants and books (including my tomes) can be helpful, but you’ve got to commit time, energy and some patience to make things work. ?This doesn’t require years and years of frustrating effort, but you probably won’t see results (other by implementing point one) right away. Then again, there is a paradox here. ?If you take these measures, you may find almost instantaneous results. Often, your greatest successes arise quickly when you discipline yourself for the long-haul.

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