Thinking about the experience: How can you improve it for your clients?

customer service
An inspirational customer service line from Orison Swet Marden. who founded SUCCESS magazine in 1897.

Construction marketing success (branding) ultimately is built on your clients’ experiences and interactions with your organization and others working on the project with you.? Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars on “brand building” exercises, but things go wrong — both operationally and interpersonally — on the job, how much will all that marketing effort matter for any hope of repeat or referral business?,

Frankly (and perhaps painfully for someone who provides marketing services), organized marketing services can amplify and boost a solid business, but can’t do much for you if you don’t have things right at the base. New client acquisition is difficult and generally takes loads of time and money, and probably in the AEC world is almost impossible if you don’t have solid relationships and a good track record.

The point here is that while obviously you should take some proactive external marketing measures — and not simply “rely” on word-of-mouth and repeat business — you should appreciate that your client experiences count the most in any marketing and business development strategy. Keep your eyes on what really matters — how you do your work and interact with your current clients.

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