The voting begins: 26 blogs compete for 2016 Best Construction Blog competition

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The two-month popular voting period has started for the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition. There are 26 entries representing a diversity of businesses and organizations, including several international entries.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll review each of the blogs as readers start casting their ballots.

The popular vote (which continues until March 31) sets the stage for the judging process in April. While the independent judges can review any blog they wish, in the past, most of the judges have concentrated their review on the top seven bloggers by popular vote. This makes sense: A blog should have some community acceptance/support to be considered.

The judging process, however, prevents vote-getting from being the only consideration about?which blog truly is best. The judges can evaluate the blogs’ design, content, and effectiveness.

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Editor’s note: There was a duplicate entry for the same blog (two URLs). I’ve removed the duplicate, bringing the number of blogs to 26.


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