The vacation and tourism (and return to work)

central berlin
Central Berlin, near Hitler's bunker. This area of geography has an astounding amount of 20th century history (and destruction/reconstruction).

For the past three weeks, I’ve been on vacation, visiting distant lands as a tourist. “Tourism” is not a word that evokes much in meaningful accomplishment. Superficial journeys without purpose but to get a brief glimpse of foreign places rarely provide profound insights. And when you do this on a cruise ship with around 1,000 other passengers, perceptions are shaped by the tourist trap economy; hardly an accurate perception of local culture and values.

And, of course, during this time, I didn’t do much work or thinking about construction marketing. (The Internet, of course, allowed me to communicate — even in the middle of the Baltic Sea — with the home office for crucial matters, even as I minimized any obligations or responsibilities.)

So, in essence, I spent a fair sum of money for a set of quick images and experiences (and travel services) for little meaningful growth, and this blog remained dormant while I was away.

Do I regret the expense/experience? Not at all. And there are some simple reasons.

As we travelled, (or perhaps I should say touristed), the first Canadian Pension Plan/Old Age Security payments plopped into my bank account (roughly similar to US Social Security).? So I could rightfully take this as a kind of retirement vacation — though I have no plans to retire at least for a few years.

As well, while I describe the experience as superficial, I still sought to learn/understand the distinctions of the various countries and their histories, and this knowledge helps me to fill in gaps in my understandings of world/current affairs. (The trip included visits to Russia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK, as well as some days in Portugal.)

Finally, of course, a good vacation can recharge the batteries. After I’m reacclimatized today, I’ll resume the regular blogging schedule (and construction marketing content) tomorrow. It’s time to return to work

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