The “unmarketing” approach to construction marketing success

It is vital to be consistent in your marketing message — and your service delivery, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on effective marketing if you have your business basics right.


Sometimes I feel that way as an architectural, engineering and construction marketing expert who believes that, in most cases, we can do quite well without much marketing effort.

Simply put, if we do our work well, treat our clients fairly, and truly deliver great value (that doesn’t necessarily, but sometimes, means “lowest price”) we should be okay, without any of that fandy-dancy marketing stuff.

And if we can’t get the basics of our business/trade right, then really, does marketing matter? ?I think not.

However, that said, there is value in some simple marketing knowledge and implementation.

With a simple strategy involving an effective website (that you can build yourself or have someone develop for a few hundred dollars), some easy-to-follow client recognition, follow-through and acknowledgement techniques and (if you wish to take a slightly longer range perspective), effective community and association relationships, you can achieve enough profitable new business to be quite sustainable, without significant ongoing?extra expense.

Ironically, if you are most likely to benefit from these simple changes, you probably won’t recognize or care about them. You may be good enough to survive, and even be quite profitable.

I won’t criticize you – you are better off than the business owner who thinks pouring money into marketing has more value than creating the experience/value underlying effective marketing. However, if you are ready for a re-think, you can reach me here (or by email at

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