The three dumbest construction marketing mistakes


painting istockI know. It is bad manners to laugh at people when they do dumb things. However, sometimes I get some enjoyment when I see how stupid some people in the construction industry are when it comes to marketing. Obviously I?m not going to name names here and I certainly cannot give specific examples. But if you see yourself in the picture, please cringe a little and then buy my book. (But you probably won?t. You?ll go out and do the same dumb thing, again and again, alas.)

Purchasing charity and ?support? ads in crappy publications because a telemarketer sold you the thing

I?ve seen enough of these garbage publications to scratch my head with wonderment ? especially when I count the number of ads in these so-called publications from contractors. There is one business for example which specializes in official police journals. Well, the publisher indeed makes arrangements with local police associations and presumably sends a share of the revenue to the cops. But the content has absolutely no relevance or value to anyone in law enforcement and I doubt the local police are your best clients for construction-related services.? (If you are interested in improving your security, hire a security firm or consultant, instead.)

No website or a terrible one with a or domain

This is 2016.? To mix up the language a bit, you need to ?get with it?. Consumers and business-to-business clients are likely to check your website out before they call you and they are going to wonder who you are if you don?t have one.? If you say ?I have enough business without this marketing crap?, okay, I?ll go to the third dumb mistake. In the meantime, you can get a decent website built for a few hundred dollars at most. Or use one of the legitimate services (not those idiots who telemarket or spam you with propositions) for some assistance.

Thinking any marketing is a waste of time, like ?I rely 100 per cent on repeat and referral business?.

The repeat and referral business is of course good, in fact it is great.? But ?relying? ? give me a break.? If you take a little time to understand marketing prinicples you will realize that you can simply redirect the money you waste on those police journal and charity telemarketing things to some legitimate business-building strategies and your business profitability will increase substantially.

There. I?ve let off some steam.? Now we can return to regular programming. Oh yeah, I cover these things in my?Construction Marketing Ideas book.

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