The story ends (and begins): Whirlwind Steel’s blog

whirlwind steel blog
The Whirlwind Steel blog provides a diversity of product specific and generally-useful information
whirlwind steel blog
The Whirlwind Steel blog provides a diversity of product specific and generally useful information

My reviews for the past month of more than 30 blogs concludes with Whirlwind Steel‘s effective and well-thought initiative. The blog reviews, which have traversed the U.S., Canada and internationally, have covered a diversity of markets and sectors, ranging from residential renovators, to consultants, ICI-focused contractors and, in the case of Whirlwind, building products manufacturers.

I like Whirlwind’s initiative because of its easy-to-follow style and generous provision of useful, actionable information. There are practical, specific postings relating to steel buildings, some effective promotional postings, and (adding value) coverage of topics that anyone purchasing steel construction materials and structures would need to know, such as building permit requirements and (close to my heart) marketing.

Certainly the advice in 4 Ways to Promote Your Construction Projects makes sense (as does the relevant 5 Tips to Branding Your Company):

See, for example, the ideas underlying effective project promotion here:

Know Who You Are and How You Are Different from the “Other Guys”

If self-promotion is new to you, you may have never considered “who” your company is or the ways in which it is unique or stands out from competitors. Building and marketing are typically two different mindsets. Now, it’s your turn to take a little trip into the “other camp” and think about your company and your work a little differently. Here are some strategies to help you do that:

  • Think of Your Company as a Person. Branding is about connecting your company’s logo and name with a particular energy or feeling for the public at large. For example, consider Carhartt. Their clothing line is tough, durable, reliable and respected. They create high-quality products and have stood the test of time. Therefore, non-construction professionals recognize the brand and associate it with those qualities. What positive qualities come to mind when clients think about your company and the work it does? These are the qualities you’ll want to highlight and focus on as you use projects to promote yourself.

  • What Sets You Apart??Another important part of your promotional strategy is having a clear idea of what sets you apart from competitors. Do you specialize in a particular niche??Are your clients Baby Boomers?looking for accessible designs, or do you target younger couples and families? Are you a sustainable builder? Think of the things you offer that competitors don’t and then highlight these things in your promotional materials and in the way you present your projects online, in brochures, on billboards or even in the artwork in your brick-and-mortar office.

Yes, Whirlwind’s blog explains here the importance of differentiation — a vital cornerstone of effective marketing.

The other suggestions for project promotion include:

  • Post company signage at each and every job site;
  • Assemble a stellar portfolio; and
  • Be active on social media and promote current projects like crazy.

Place humility on the back burner for a while and start showing the world what you have to offer. A little shameless promotion will go a long way towards building a successful business.

There’s no need for humility with this blog, which really represents the blogging concept’s effective implementation.

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