The story behind the Oldcastle Building Solutions blog’s success

From the Oldcastle Building Solutions website

Heather Pacinelli, director, digital marketing at Oldcastle Building Solutions, has made herself?available for a video interview to discuss the blog’s success behind winning the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition.

You’ll find the key to Oldcastle’s success relates to planning and co-ordination: Thinking through topics of relevance, and then co-ordinating the resources within the company to deliver the message.

The blog serves a variety of purposes, including uniting Oldcastle’s diversity of building products and services — educating clients who may not know about everything the business offers.

It fulfills’ Oldcastle’s marketing slogan: Educate. Build. Achieve. Together. The link from the slogan expresses Oldcastle’s underlying message.

(A note about the video: I generated it through a “Google Hangout/YouTube” call broadcast live to an audience of zero, which managed to receive two interruptions when another phone in my?home office began ringing. YouTube has editing functions, so I was able to splice out the unwelcome interruptions. It isn’t a professional video editing job — but the experience reminded me of the incredible progress in the past few years in video production/generation. You can with a little effort produce a worthy?video, and if you wish, a live broadcast, with a laptop computer and regular high-speed internet connection.)

You can nominate your blog or one you like for the 2018 competition now and, if the blog isn’t in the current list, I’ll add it to our directory.

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