The SF330 form: Getting it right

SF330 guide

SF330-Blog-Post-HeaderSometimes arcane bureaucratic details are exceptionally important, and Matt Handal certainly believes AEC firms working seeking U.S. federal (and much state and local) government business could do a better job in completing the SF330 form.

I’ll admit to having never heard of this form until Handal’s recent blog posting. However, you can find it quickly enough with a Google search — it is the tool used by the General Services Administration for assessing architectural and engineering qualifications. Certainly, these qualifications are vital for U.S. government work, because of the Brooks Act provisions which makes price a secondary consideration in selecting architectural and engineering consultants. (Price is still very much a factor in construction work, of course.)

Clearly, in a qualifications-based model, with a standardized form, the information you elect to provide (or not include) on this form may carry far more weight than any of your other marketing materials, so a step-by-step guide (with supplementary template resources) may indeed be helpful in your RFP-winning arsenal.

So I’m happy to provide a link here to The Ultimate SF330 Guide.

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