The right questions to ask

Michael Jeffries
Michael Jeffries' service builds websites designed to optimize contractor lead generation. They probably won't win graphic design awards -- but that isn't their intent.
Michael Jeffries’ service, among other marketing resources, builds websites designed to optimize contractor lead generation. They probably won’t win graphic design awards — but that isn’t their intent.

Michael Jeffries, in this informative posting, reminds contractors that the most important challenge in the early going of a potential client relationship is to ask the right questions.

Start out right and the prospect will be excited to meet with you.

Here are four questions that will start you off right.

  1. Thank you for calling ?ABC Company? this is ?Glen? how can I help you?
  2. How did you hear about our company?
  3. How soon did you want to have your project completed?
  4. What are the primary reasons you want to do this?

Here are the questions your competitors typically ask before rushing out to sell the prospect.

  • What did you want done?
  • What is your address?
  • I can come out on Thursday to see you ? will that work for you?

Can you see the difference? Try it on your next call and you will realize how important this first 5 minutes really is.

These questions represent the junction point between marketing and sales, if marketing can be defined as the process of bringing people to the initial stage of connecting/communicating with you to do business. The next question — and important one — Jeffries notes, is “Do you really want to do business with the potential client?” and if you do, “What really matters/motivates the potential client?”

Obviously, you need tactful ways to ask these questions, so consider implementing his suggested wording.

If you ask the right questions you may indeed receive the right answers.

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