The publicity project: Learning what works with the media in 2015

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A booklet I wrote a few years ago on the publicity topic. The advice here I think is getting a bit dated but still has application (while I work on the new book project). You can download a pdf of it by clicking here or on the image.

My project goal for 2015: Write a book on effective media relations and publicity marketing for architectural, engineering and construction businesses. On this topic, I “should” be an expert — with years of experience in journalism, communication and (more recently) social media, blogging and Internet-based marketing.

But there are rather serious gaps in my knowledge. A lot of the lessons learned (previously) applied to traditional media, which has become increasingly fragmented, less relevant, and possibly less effective. When you issue a news release in 2015, what happens — if anything?

I’ll spend time in the first quarter communicating with AEC businesses, communications experts and others looking for success signs and trends, writing the book in the second quarter, and intend to achieve publication?by the fall.

If you have any experiences you would like to share — either positive or negative — please communicate with me by email at

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