The perfect construction marketing strategy outlined

csc event
A Construction Specifications Ottawa event where owners of environmentally sustainable projects were invited to speak on their successes. These kinds of initiatives lead to relationships -- and business development

I can reasonably assume certain aspects of your construction marketing decision-making process.

  • You want the results to be profitable, generating a meaningful return-on-investment;
  • You want to invest as little money as you can to achieve the desired results; and
  • You want the time you spend on the marketing and business development process to be enjoyable, or at minimum, tolerable.)

You probably would be happy with a marketing arrangement that costs no almost no cash, generates an impressive volume of new business, and is simply fun to do.

You may also think I’m dreaming in technicolor if this purportedly mythical marketing campaign could actually happen in the real world.

But here’s the surprise: It isn’t too hard to achieve all three of the objectives if you rethink what you are doing, and why.

The key is to start at the beginning, with your best and favorite clients — the one you like the most, and who do plenty of business with you. You should know them quite well, and even be able to anticipate their needs. Your marketing “win” occurs when you build on these relationships to sell more of your current offerings, or introduce new possibilities that of course meet the clients’ requirements and values.

Then you can take things a step further if you wish..Do your clients belong to a network; perhaps relevant industry associations, or community/charitable groups? Do hey attend, lead or participate in industry conferences. The key to the next stage is to think how you can help your best current clients improve/add to their relationships — as you connect and build on the references from your clients to new potential customers. In other words, you leverage your relationships for referrals.

I can’t think of many marketing strategies that require low capital outlays, and generate such high potential return on investment, without stressing your business or relationships.

Give it a thought. Think of what you can do to make your current clients life a bit better, and focus on the most profitable relationships where you enjoy the connection and community.

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