The path of least resistance: Sometimes there is a better way


I like this post from Ari Galper, who suggests a solution in getting through to the boss. The advice here applies for other circumstances, as well. Sometimes old-fashioned physical mail or couriers will get you a lot closer to success than even the most carefully crafted email messages:

My friend?s wife Katie recently got a job with a very large printing company based in Melbourne, but her job is a virtual one, where she works from home.

She?s in charge of managing their large accounts in Sydney and also is doing some part-time marketing work for them.

When she was hired, the CEO said that they wanted to upgrade their branding as it hasn?t been touched in over 15 years.

So Katie spent a month or two sourcing a branding agency, the CEO signed off on the project and Katie began working with the agency on the new logo for the firm.

Together, she and the agency came up with a few different logo choices. So she put together an email and sent the new logos as attachments to the CEO for feedback.

A week goes by, no response. Two weeks go by, she follows up, no response. A few more weeks go by, nothing, no response.

She calls his assistant and she tells Katie he?s had much more important projects he?s been working on and hasn?t had the time to look at her email.

Katie told me she was so frustrated with this situation as she had put a lot of time into the project working with the branding agency.

I said to her: ?Why don?t you print a copy of each logo in color, put them in a large envelope and mail it to him, overnight express.?

Gasp, total silence?.shock.

She looked at me perplexed and said: ?Mail it to him???

The whole idea of using the good old post office was so foreign to her thinking as she assumed everything these days should only be handled via email.

After she got over her shock from the idea, she said to me: ?That makes so much sense, it will get his attention for sure, such a simple common sense idea.?

I told her, that was her path of least resistance.

She did what I advised her to do, printed and mailed the logos, her CEO replied back to her email within a day of receiving the envelope, letting her know which one he prefers and he thanked her for ?thinking out of the box?.

My advice to you is to always think to yourself when you are challenged to get someone?s attention. Ask yourself: ?What is my path of least resistance?? The answer to that question will put you on the fast track to achieve both your financial and personal goals.

We’re going to test some of these ideas with a direct mail campaign directed at the logical purchasers of our new service.? Of course, we cannot always expect instant gratification and the process/progress will take a few weeks to measure.

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