The pains and pitfalls of SEO (or do you really need to delete unread posts/pages?)

task you cannot do

Matt Handal, publisher of the consistently useful eletter and information relating to proposals and AEC marketing at has written to me about a quandry. It seems, he’s faced the challenge of deciding to remove some worthy pages from his site because few people are reading them.

One page which may go on the chopping block, he writes, has the title: What If You Get A Task You Can?t Do?

It’s a solid bit of advice on dealing with situations when someone (your manager?) has delegated a task to you that you don’t know how to resolve.

Perhaps part of the problem with this story (from Google’s perspective) is Handal’s suggestion that a quick Google search may be the best way to figure out how to solve the problem. (He gives other advice on how to finesse your lack of knowledge before you start searching for information, of course.)? As well, it may be that (a) few have the problem he is writing about (b), others have covered the topic earlier, and well enough, that they own the SEO space.

Regardless, Handal says he understands unpopular pages pull down the search rankings for his entire site, so they may have to go to the electronic trash bin.

I do not claim to be a search engine optimization expert. (However, I have Google Product Expert status, and the T-shirt to prove it, for the AdSense ad serving program.) In the AEC space, there are several individuals with far more knowledge about SEO than me. If you are a residential service contractor, especially, consider Brian Javeline with In the industrial, commercial and institutional markets, I welcome your observations and comments about really good SEO experts, but believe you will connect with relevant local guides through your local Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) chapter.

Nevertheless, I don’t like the suggestion that good content, even if its rarely searched, needing to go to the garbage can just because there are few searches for the relevant words. So, if yu find Handal’s post useful, let others know about it to save it from the electronic landfill.

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