The new high-level domains and SEO

tld names

tld namesI’m kicking myself in failing to grab the domain (If I directed you to the actual site associated with that domain, I would give the other guy even more SEO juice, so, yes, I have forced a redirect to my own site here.)

However the other agency/service has vaulted to the first page of Google searches. It is a well-designed site, but the rise in search results is incredible.

This leads me to suggest you look at registering your business with the relevant domain if it is available, and even (gulp) consider paying some of the premium prices you might need to pay for the TLD (top-level domain).? The link takes you to a Wikipedia page, but you can find some of the domain name options at name registration services such as

Your goal: Create a domain that closely matches the exact keyword match to generate the leads you might want to achieve. You may need to do some sleuthing because this isn’t always obvious.

Among new names relevant to the industry are .build, .construction and .contractors

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