The mystery of marketing mastery (ok, it really isn’t that mysterious)


Writers like me sometimes like to play around with alliterations; hence the headline. Yet there is a message beneath the word-flow. Success in construction marketing (like virtually any other endeavor) requires a combination of qualities and traits; you won’t have all of them, but you need (either yourself or the team you organize) require everything in this list to truly achieve success.

Natural talent

I don’t care how hard you study, how many hours you push yourself to learn how to do it, if you don’t have the talent, you won’t succeed. Of course as noted above, you don’t need to have natural talent in everything — but you need to assemble the right people with the talent to do the job.

I have natural talent as a writer. I know that because writing (mostly) came easy to me and I proved the talent when organizations started paying me for writing services.

I do not have natural talent as a graphic designer, IT programmer, web designer, or media buyer. But I (and you) can find these skills in others.

Education (formal or informal)

Even with natural talent, you still need to learn the craft or profession. In many cases, formal designations are required. (If you wish to be a professional engineer, you need an engineering degree and license, for example.) Even when they are not formally required, real professional credentials based on education and experience will provide the foundations you need.


All the learning in the world, and all the natural talent, won’t replace some practical experience. You need to do it. You need to prove you can handle the tasks, and in practice, you cannot really determine your success until you’ve actually achieved results.

Can you succeed without all three elements?? I think not. You might bumble along, and of course there are the necessary first-times in any endeavor (which you will usually achieve in conjunction with education or some sort of amateur or junior contest).

If you don’t have these qualities at hand, and you are facing a marketing challenge, consider how to either obtain them (at least the education/experience) or — if you wish more immediate results — how to connect with the individuals who you are satisfied check all three boxes.

Get these points right, and stick with the program long enough for the results to be proven, and you’ll almost certainly succeed at construction marketing. Fail to appreciate them, and you’ll likely be in for a quick or long and painful failure.

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