The marketing basics reviewed: Think about your client experience first

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Recently, Tom Reber of interviewed me for a podcast, which you can follow here.

The questions he asked, and the answers I gave, echo my mantra: Focus on your client experience first, to create a great reputation, and then build on that reputation to induce repeat and referral business. Only then does it make sense to engage in “outside” marketing initiatives, which should start with a truly great website and a solid social media strategy — before you spend money on any sort of paid advertising or marketing services.

Listen to Tom Reber’s podcast interview with me here.

Reber shows how some businesses extend the marketing process with advanced techniques, such as podcasts and videos. His interview with me adds to his “expertise” library and, as you can see, I am providing a link to his site here — and this will also be broadcast through the related Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can see how this process adds up, if you multiply my interview with the dozens of others he conducts each year.

There are production/co-ordination challenges with this sort of sophistication; Reber has a supporting technical and administrative team with access to proper studio facilities to make the podcasts work seamlessly. If you are a small or medium-sized architect, engineer or contractor, I doubt you’ll want to go to the trouble to produce this sort of content (but if you are a consultant and your market is national or international, the investment in effort and resources certainly is worthwhile and will be much lower — and more effective — than other options.)

Nevertheless, the message underlying my observations with him remains consistent. We can get caught in marketing jargon and concepts when the story is often much easier to understand.? I hope this podcast is helpful to you in that regard. (P.S. there’s a “cookie” offer inside the podcast, but you’ll need to listen to it to uncover it.)

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